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Our Activities

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The legal clinic provides the following activities:

  1. Legal advice:

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The legal clinic provides legal advice to persons suffering from marginalization resulting from the lack of sufficient financial resources to obtain legal advice and/or from their legal and social status.

  1. Legal awareness:

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The legal clinic organizes legal awareness sessions aimed at informing marginalized groups about the rights enshrined in the law and the procedures adopted. The sessions already provided included the following topics:

  • How to file a criminal complaint,
  • The rights of the accused,
  • The entry and residency of foreigners,
  • Labor Law
  • Rental Law


  1. Legal support in litigation cases:

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The legal clinic does not provide legal representation services before the courts, but it has already accompanied stakeholders through legal support from graduates and university professors at the Faculty of Law in the following areas:

  • arbitrary dismissal,
  • Registration for undocumented individuals.